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While Freestyle Media creates film trailers and spots we have also produced several short films and the independent feature documentary

"Hex Hollow". Our new project in development investigates a 1952 double murder that took place in the mountains of Ramapo, New York.

Stewartstown, Pa. (November, 1928) – Were John Blymire’s troubles the result of an evil curse? That’s what he thought when he and two other men murdered farmer and folk healer Nelson Rehmeyer. The crime made national headlines exposing the old traditions of Powwow, which some believe is witchcraft. Powwow practitioners today say there’s nothing sinister about it, but Rehmeyer’s death is still stirring up mysteries.

Now Available to rent or own!

Two friends buy an antique table before

discovering it has a far more sinister purpose.

Finished in 4th Place in the ABC'S of DEATH short film contest.

Won "Best Horror Short" in the Project Greenlight Film Competition.

Watch Below: